Safety Systems

Powertech designs and installs safety systems for hydraulic press brakes, according to EU standards.

We can provide ready to install systems for the most common brands and models and develop new systems for the least common machines.

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Systems available for common press brakes:
versione: progettato per:
RGPS II RG Schiavi Promecan Amada
HFBPS II HFB Schiavi Amada
STPCPS STPC Schiavi Promecan
PBPS Per tutti gli altri marchi Adattabili ad altri modelli previo sopralluogo

Our safety systems are installed with few simple adjustements granting EU standards UNI EN 12622 – 2009 compliance.

Moreover, the systems are 100% safe, easy to use and to adjust, with the least loss in productivity

Safety systems – Special applications.

System components list:

  1. -          Nuova Elettronica Multibean Laser DSP
  2. -          Quick Align new supportarms
  3. -          New cam device
  4. -          New electric box with safety PLC.
  5. -          New emergency stop buttons and remote control
  6. -          New hydraulic blick with relif valve, speed-change valve and slow-speed limit valve

Conformity certificates and additional manual are released at complete supply.

System working

Nuova Elettronica Multibean Laser DSP projects a “volumetric” beam allined to the upper-tool point the beam-shape is optimized in order to grant the operator best safety, without any productivity loss-besides, in blanking mode, boxes can be bent without switching off the safety system.

The client can choose between two different blanking modes.

The DSP Laser can also cheek the press-brake space-time automatically at every start.

A Safety PLC controls all safety functions.

According to EU standard, the press-brake can work with safety device off but at a 10 mm/s working speed only.

The Ecostop option stops the main pump after 3 minutes inactivity, thus reducing energy consumption in stand-by time.

Use limits and coverage

The systems are designed and made to be used on hydraulic PB for bending only.  In case of different kind of usage, Powertech can customize standard systems.

Moreover, this systems installation modifies neither its original purpose …… its performance.

No new CE Certification is needed.