From exellent to unbelievable!


To be the best we must always think we can do better. Only in this way can we stay at the top. Starting from the excellent performance of KizuNon we have developed SUPER KIZUNON. No bend mark on aesthetic parts up to 6mm thick !!! Unbelievable!

Energy 5013 at MFTokyo2013


Also this year we will be there!

We exhibit our press brakes Energy 5013 at MFTokyo2013. We will be guests at the CONIC stand E3-80 in East wing Hall. Come and visit us!

Die mark…….goodbye!


From Japanese advanced research to your workshop.

Now we are the official European distributor of Kizu-non. Is a fabric stronger than steel, able to prevent die mark and scratch during bending phase on delicate materials. Find out how!

Italy…….Not only Fashion!


MURATEC BB-4013 con DSP LaserMuratec, second biggest japanese press brakes maker, has commissioned a study to POWERTECH for the application of DSP Laser and DSP-AP/MCS devices to their machines. By July 2011 in Japan was made mandatory the use of operators protection systems.

During september 2012 POWERTECH successfully applied the protection system to a press brakes now already commissioned to final user plant (picture on the left). Great satisfaction expressed by both the END USER and MURATEC. So, in addition to FASHION, FOOD and DESIGN, Italy also export SAFETY.

This important result by POWERTECH, was achieved thanks to decades of experience in the field of safety update and retrofitting of press brakes and a profiqual collaboration with NUOVA ELETTRONICA, Italian national leader in LASER safety systems.

And after successfully completing the mission, our technicians have partied with our representative for Japan.

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(Italiano) Nuovo video RGPSII


(Italiano) Incentivi INAIL 2012


Nuove sanzioni in arrivo


Nuove sanzioni per la non applicazione delle norme in materia di sicurezza

Metti a norma la tua pressa-piegatrice con l’installazione dei nuovi dispositivi di sicurezza, le recenti interpretazioni ed applicazioni al DM n. 20/2011 prevedono l’arresto da tre a sei mesi con ammenda da 2.000 a 10.000 e non siamo noi a dirlo, leggi la info allegata……


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Nuova Sede


Nuova Sede di Gariga

Da Ottobre siamo operativi nella NUOVA SEDE a Casoni di Gariga – Podenzano.

Nuova location, nuovi e più ampi spazi per migliorare i servizi forniti, per ampliare il magazzino ricambi e per realizzare progetti sempre più ambiziosi!

Più facile da raggiungere per CLIENTI e FORNITORI!

Venite a visitarci…….

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