The History

Established in 2002, Powertech is  the ambitious project of Mr. Roberto Gotti, its founder.

After providing specialized technical service, as an outsourcer within customers’ factories for several years, Powertech began to enlarge its business by developing new professional  skills such as research, design and development of brandnew technologies and robots, machines and auxiliar systems.

All these innovations are aimed at significantly changing the field of manipulation and moving of metal sheets.

Thanks to  these experiences and its  deep know-how in designing and manufacturing  a wide range of solutions for different applicative sectors, Powertech has enhanced its business and become a well known brand, with a unique and distinctive identity and market positioning.

A clear strategy of diversification and wider specialization have been and are leading Powertech to a fast growth and a corporate international awareness. Today Powertech is chosen as a professional partner by leading worldwide companies in its sector.

Il fondatore

roberto gotti | il fondatore

Mr. Roberto Gotti is a young Italian entrepreneur who has had a remarkable professional career in the technical service.

As an expert technician with unlimited know-how related to factory automation, during his twenty-five years career, he has worked for the most important international manufacturers of press brakes and auxiliary tools for metal sheets handling.

He operated, firstly, in manufacturing departments, and later on as an after sales technician responsible for installing machinery and components.

Mr. Gotti was in charge of all activities connected with start-up, programming and training people in the clients’  factories.

After these experiences, he held the important position of Research and Development Manager. During that period, he concentrated his efforts on the research and the prototyping of advanced press brakes, CNC as well as new robotics applied to sheet-metal working machines.

Roberto Gotti’s projects have given a significant contribute to the evolution of the most common and well known gripper systems and softwares for off-line programming still available on the market.