Press brakes

Energy 5013

pressa piegatrice powertech energy 5013

In 2009, Powertech designed and built the first prototype of Energy 5013, a new generation press brake with uncomparable technical features and high level performances.

In October 2009, Powertech took part in the International Exhibition MF TOKYO 2009, where the new press brake was officially launched and successfully presented in its special version designed to meet Japanese standards.

The Japanese market really appreciated its great technical and market potential.

Energy 5013 takes advantage of a very well-known technology: Powertech has updated it and made it more powerful.

Thanks to its mobile lower beam, Energy 5013 can bend sheets 4mm thick, 1300 mm long, or a 8mm thick, 900 mm long. The new press brake is equipped with motorized 3 axis backgauge  X1, X2, R – high speed and high precision.

The motorized backgauge, the bending depth and the machine cycle are controlled by a powerful, versatile and user friendly CNC which assures the top precision and reliability.

Morover Energy 5013 is equipped with an efficient and sophisticated safety device which protects the dangerous working area without reducing productivity and, with a “STOP & START” system which automatically turns off the machinery when not in use: this solution reduces energy consumption consistantly.

Technical Data
1 | Max Power: 50 t
2 | Max bending lenght: 1300 mm
3 | Distance between side frame: 1200 mm
4 | Approaching speed: 150 mm/sec.
5 | Working speed: 10 mm/sec.(12 mm/sec. mercato non UE)
6 | Return speed: 180 mm/sec.
7 | Linear scale resolution: 0,001 mm
8 | Axis speed(horizontal) X1-X2: 500 mm/sec.
9 | Encoder resolution: 0,004 mm
10 | Axis speed (vertical) R: 200 mm/sec.